Badesul was established in 1973 to encourage sustainable development, technological progress, innovation and international cooperation, acting as a partner in undertakings ready to create jobs and income for Rio Grande do Sul.

Learn Our History

The history of BADESUL Development Agency/RS can be split into three time periods.

The first began 1973-1975, when Banco de Desenvolvimento do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul S.A. (Rio Grande do Sul State Development Bank - BADESUL) was established on September 1, 1975, opening its doors to financing investments in the state's economy. That period ended on August 27, 1992, when that institution was incorporated into the Banco do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul S.A. (Rio Grande do Sul State Bank - BANRISUL), which added the Carteira de Desenvolvimento e Investimento (Development and Investment Portfolio - DESIN) to its organization as a multiple bank.

The second period began in 1997, with the institution of Caixa Estadual S.A. - Agência de Desenvolvimento (State Savings Bank - Development Agency), this trade name later being altered to Caixa Estadual S.A. Agência de Fomento/RS - CaixaRS (State Savings Bank - Fomentation Agency - RS Savings Bank) and ended in 2011, when the institution became BADESUL Desenvolvimento - Agência de Fomento/RS (BADESUL Development Agency).

The third period on the BADESUL timeline began therefore in 2011, as we continues playing our role in the history of Rio Grande do Sul’s economy and public institutions, promoting their development.

Wherever an new venture arises, BADESUL is present in the form of financial resources and as a reliable partner. One example of this is the transformation of Southern Rio Grande do Sul into the country's largest development hub, with the construction of platforms and ship hulls for oil exploration. In addition, Rio Grande do Sul will continue investing in the production of clean energy, the creation of new products with plastic using ethanol, in the improvement and modernization of traditional sectors of the economy, while at the same time transforming the state into an international supplier of IT solutions.

BADESUL is strengthening our support to these and other segments, together with strategic projects in every region of the state. We are not just a new brand or a mere financial agent. More than anything, we are a new way of encouraging Rio Grande do Sul development, a partner to entrepreneurs and investors/investments alike.

BADESUL contributes decisively to the development of Rio Grande do Sul. With greater wealth, more justice and sustainability.

“O fomento do Badesul é benéfico para toda a cadeia do negócio do calçado, possibilitando maior competitividade e estrutura de crescimento para o setor”
Thiago Borges Chief Financial Officer e diretor de Relações com Investidores da Arezzo&Co

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