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Badesul is a development agency that makes use of its lines of financing to encourage Rio Grande do Sul’s economic and social development, valuing entrepreneurial projects and attitudes that bring progress to the state and improve quality of life for the population. It works in every region of the state as a partner of micro, small, medium and large entrepreneurs, with the goal of democratizing credit.

Rio Grande do Sul
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Badesul is fixed in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, offering financial support mechanisms adapted to the interest of entrepreneurs willing to improve levels of employment and income in the state. Its work involves making financing available for the private production sector and the public sector on a municipal level.

Sustainable Development

Projects submitted in pursuit of financing should be in compliance with environmental standards, since Badesul works is strongly committed to the environment and sustainable development.

Present all across Rio Grande do Sul

Badesul headquarters is located in Porto Alegre and operates across the state of Rio Grande do Sul through partnerships that expand the bank’s reach.

Social Responsibility,
Culture and Citizenship

Badesul strengthens its commitment to Rio Grande do Sul by supporting a variety of community, sports and cultural projects as a way of contributing to the development of Rio Grande do Sul society.

“O fomento do Badesul é benéfico para toda a cadeia do negócio do calçado, possibilitando maior competitividade e estrutura de crescimento para o setor”
Thiago Borges Chief Financial Officer e diretor de Relações com Investidores da Arezzo&Co

Minimum Requirements for
Proposal Submissions

  • Good tax and social security standing;
  • Clean registration;
  • Good records;
  • Viable project in accordance with state priorities and that fits the operational policies of the Bank of Economic and Social Development (BNDES);
  • Delivery of information and basic documentation for compliance and later financing analysis;