Who we are

Committed to Rio Grande do Sul’s Development

About Badesul

Badesul, a development agency tied to the Secretary of Economic Development and Tourism, seeks to promote Rio Grande do Sul’s economic and social development, offering a set of long term financial solutions for projects by the government, private companies and farmers.

How We Work

Promoting competitive, regional and sectorial development in Rio Grande do Sul’s economy, mindful of sustainability and innovation, acting as a financial and technical agent of excellence.

To be a development agent, with specific competence and excellence, capable of providing strategic, financial and non-financial solutions for the regional and sectorial development of the state of Rio Grande do Sul.


  • Proactive, creative and enterprising attitude;
  • Generating value for customers;
  • Transparency, ethics and quality in internal and external relationships;
  • Commitment to self-sustainability;
  • Valuing of work culture with responsibility and discipline;
  • Responsibility for what is public;
  • Commitment to the sustainable development of Rio Grande do Sul.

Corporate Governance

Badesul is a company committed to the untiring pursuit of improving management. In this purpose, we are run buy entrepreneuring executives, belonging to a team of highly qualified, integrated, ethical and responsible employees.

Executive Board:

Jeanette Halmenschlager Lontra - Diretora-Presidente

José Claudio Silva dos Santos - Diretor Vice-Presidente

Kalil Sehbe Neto - Diretor Financeiro


Audit Committee, Owner Members



Board of Directors:

Ricardo Englert – Presidente

Cintia Michelle Maas

João Silla Lopes de Almeida

Robson Luis Zinn


Audit Committee, Substitutes


“O fomento do Badesul é benéfico para toda a cadeia do negócio do calçado, possibilitando maior competitividade e estrutura de crescimento para o setor”
Thiago Borges Chief Financial Officer e diretor de Relações com Investidores da Arezzo&Co

Minimum Requirements for
Proposal Submissions

  • Good tax and social security standing;
  • Clean registration;
  • Good records;
  • Viable project in accordance with state priorities and that fits the operational policies of the Bank of Economic and Social Development (BNDES);
  • Delivery of information and basic documentation for compliance and later financing analysis;